Take Action! Refuse single use disposables, choose to reuse in your day-to-day lives, support local policies, and inspire others too.

Join the ReThink Disposable movement to break free from the addiction to disposables and plastic we consume to be part of the solution. Simple choices that consumers practice in their day-to-day lives add up and have a huge collective impact on conserving resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preventing waste and litter, and reducing plastic pollution that is choking our wildlife and oceans. Consumers can:
  • Drive demand and support ReThink Disposable business champions that are implementing packaging reduction practices.
  • Next time you go out for food or coffee, consider slowing down and dining-in on real china or request a real mug at a major coffee chain.
  • Or better yet, Bring your Own (BYO) refillable for to-go drinks!
  • Simply refuse the straw and just say NO to plastic utensils and condiment packages for to-go orders or delivery.
ReThink Disposable has tips like these as well as other resources to engage and educate the community to take action. Want a bag monster to come to your classroom or next community event? Need educational materials and handouts for your creek and beach cleanups? We're here to help with everything you could need to educate and engage the public on the impact of packaging on our environment and health!

Participating Businesses