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Determine your current annual usage and cost of a disposable foodware item and project reductions and cost savings that can be achieved by implementing a reusable product. * Please note that all fields must be filled out. You can input a 0 for any cells that you do not have data for.
Enter the name of the disposable item you are considering replacing.
Enter the cost per case of the item.
Enter the case quantity of the item.
Enter the estimated number of cases you purchase per year.
Unit cost.
Projected annual usage.
Projected annual cost.
Estimated % reduction of disposable product when you implement the reusable option.
Projected annual usage after reusable products are implemented.
Estimated annual cost of disposables after reusable products are implemented.


Estimate the payback period and cost savings of switching from a disposable foodware item to a reusable one that takes into account the set-up costs and any annual ongoing costs.

Projected annual quantity reduction.
Projected annual cost savings.
Estimated percent reduction from Worksheet 1.
Input your set-up costs, including, cost of the reusable product and costs of any new equipment and infrastructure.
Input any annual on-going costs, including, any labor costs, ongoing purchases (dish soap, sponges, replacements due to loss or breakage, and anticipated increases in regular bills).
Input any annual ongoing savings, such as, reduction in your waste hauling fees.
Payback period for any set-up costs (in months).
Your annual cost savings after payback period.